Inspired by community supported agriculture (CSA) programs involving small local farms, 428 Community Supported Art is an annual art subscription that showcases the work of 428collective, a 11-woman group of ambitious contemporary artists who live and work in the rural wine country of Northern California. 428collective was formed to bring awareness to the innovative, boundary-pushing art that is produced in our rural area.



I gave myself the subscription to the 428CSA for my birthday last year and it brought me (and my family) such joy!  Receiving the surprise of a fantastic piece of art from one of these amazing women many times over the year was something I really relished.  And now, my house several pieces of great art that will be enjoyed by all of us for years to come.  I will definitely sign up again this year and recommend it to all of my friends.  Many thanks to the 428CSA group for coming up with this idea, sharing their work and making it accessible to everyone! --Bridget, 2014 subscriber

I enjoyed the great quality and variety of the works in the 428CSA.  Try joining this project and be amazed by the mix these works bring to you throughout the year.  --Steve Oliver, 2014 subscriber


How the subscription works:

For the 2015 CSA, 428collective has decided to create work under the theme of food and agriculture.  Subscribers will receive a total of four works during the year, with a piece arriving in February, May, August, and November.  Each piece will be a collaborative project by two or more 428collective artists, and will reflect the diverse media that each artist works with—including film, performance, installation, publications, painting, drawing and sound. 

Subscribers can either opt to receive their work in the mail, or get the work in person at our pick-up parties at the 428collective headquarters in Healdsburg.

Subscriptions are $250 (that's only $62.50 per art piece!) for the year, with 5% of sales in 2015 going toward Food For Thought in Sonoma County.

The 428CSA inaugural launch party, at SHED Healdsbug, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I give a subscription to a friend as a gift?

For those wishing to gift a subscription, we will provide a custom card to give out that explains the project.  Upon check-out, please specify that you are buying the subscription as a gift and we will contact you directly to help with the rest.

What is 428collective?

We are an 11-woman group of contemporary artists based in Sonoma County, CA.  For more information, go to or check out our facebook page

Can I just buy one piece instead of signing up for the full year?

The project is focused on the full subscription only.  Some friends have teamed up and purchased the subscription together, sharing both the cost and the art!

What kind of work will I receive?

The artists in the 428collective work in a variety of media, including film, design, sculpture, new media, painting, drawing, performance, and photography.  Artists will collaborate on a series of ambitious projects under the theme of food and agriculture in 2015.  Projects will include collaborations and events with people in the local food and agriculture industry, such as beekeepers, chefs, and farmers. 

Are the images on the website examples of what I will receive in the subscription?

The images are meant to give an idea of the basic style or theme for each artist-- but the monthly art will be a SURPRISE!

Will I receive a one-of-a-kind work of art or will everything be editioned?

Because of the quantity and bargain price of subscriptions, artists will make a limited edition of collaborative works specifically for the 2015 CSA project.  Individual pieces may vary, depending on the media and technique each artist uses. 

For more information, email