Here is a brief list of past 428collective projects.  For a truly "blast-from-the-past" experience of our beginnings, check out our old blog:



428CSA.  An annual year-long art subscription from the artists of 428collective.  Featuring sculpture, film, artist books, performances, and photography.  Each month 428collective hosts a public pick-up party, featuring the work of the current month’s CSA artist.

Art Out Here Online.  Acting as a foundation for the Art Out Here annual public tour, Art Out Here Online is an cultural review that explores the lives of creative visionaries and the places that nurture their work. Based in Sonoma County, the project focuses on the local cultural environment, but also offers a voice in a bigger conversation about the existence of innovative art being created outside of big cities and white walls.  

Tree Portraits.  A show of large-scale redwood tree stump rubbings made by local students, ages 3-9. Work was created through a three-week class hosted by 428collective.  The work was hung at a local cafe, and featured an afternoon event where students made custom tree buttons for cafe patrons.  Proceeds of art sales went to local environmental non-profit, Landpaths.

10 months, 10 solo shows.  Studio Blomster, Guerneville, CA.  Each artist in the collective took over the gallery space to create something beyond their normal creative practice.

Salon.  A monthly public art salon for Sonoma County artists.  One artist is invited each month to present work at the 428collective headquarters.  The invited artist sets the rules, using salon-goers as tools to provide feedback on new, risky work.


Howl.  A public street performance and intervention where community members were invited to fill the street for a collective howl at the moon.  Produced in conjunction with 428collective’s show, “Falling Dark.”

Falling Dark.  Collective multi-media show exploring the liminal twilight hour.  Perdita Productions, Geyserville, CA.

Product 2.  The second annual show of risk-taking, innovative artists and designers based in Sonoma County.  428 Headquarters.

Local Creatives Dinner.  a public presentation of diverse local creative projects and the future of boundary-pushing creativity in Sonoma County.   Produced as part of the 428collective Kickstarter fundraiser.  428collective Headquarters.

428 Kickstarter Fundraiser.  A highly successful fundraiser to upgrade 428 Headquarters to better serve our events and classes.  We raised double the asking amount in the first 20 minutes after the Kickstarter site went live!

Big Risks in Drawing.  A class offered to those who never learned to draw, or are even terrified by the idea.  Taught by 428collective members at 428 Headquarters.

Art Dinner Punk Korean Food: a 428collective community dinner.  Featuring the daring Korean/ american diner cuisine of Guerneville’s HiFive Restaurant, local DJ performance, and a public dinner in the parking lot of 428collective headquarters.  


Drive-in:  A pop-up public drive-in, featuring selected shorts by local filmmaker Richard Stilwell.  Participants lined up their cars in the 428 Headquarters parking lot to watch the films projected on the wall of the 428 building.  Sound was provided via the 428collective radio station.

Cocktails and Literature.  An evening of readings by local writers and poets.  428 Headquarters.

Food, Faith, Museums.  A lecture by local curator Carin Jacobs, hosted by 428collective

Product.  Multi-media show of local art, design, and innovation.  Featuring a Bay Area roving art  gallery in a truck and presentations by Sonoma County filmmakers and Chalk Hill Residency director Alice Warneke.  Produced and hosted by 428collective